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Get Spirit Services

We’ve got spirit, yes we do! We’ve got spirit, how ‘bout you?!

When it comes to outfitting your company employees or school students, teachers and staff with quality branded apparel and promotional products, make sure you Get Spirit.

Branded Corporate and School Apparel

Choose from shirts, pants, sock, hats, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts and more that will wrap your employees, students, teachers and staff in the warm embrace of team spirit.

Select the items, sizes and colors you want and add them to your cart as you go. When you check out, you can upload your logo or other graphics, input your desired shipping address and make your payment. After we receive your order, our fulfillment team will contact you to discuss graphic placement and printing options.

Branded Corporate and School Promotional Products

What’s better than a branded lunch box, can koozie or insulated coffee cup? Nothing we can think of, that’s for darned sure. You’ll find all these goodies and much, much more in our promotional products inventory. We’ve got backpacks, tote bags and computer bags, too.

Pick the promotional products you like best and add them to your shopping cart. Feel free to go crazy. After you’ve shopped your little heart out, start the checkout process. At this point, you can upload your logo or graphic, provide your preferred shipping address and make your payment. After we receive your order, our fulfillment team will contact you to discuss graphic placement and printing options.

Embellishments for Corporate and School Apparel and Promotional Products

Would you want to wear company polo without a logo embroidered on the chest? Would you want to drink out of a coffee mug that didn’t have your brand or school graphic on it? No, friend, you most certainly would not.

After you’ve added all your favorite corporate or school apparel and promotional products to your shopping cart, you’ll start the checkout process.

It’s here we’ll ask you to upload your logo, company name or other graphic decoration. Then, we’ll give you some options for how those can be added to your chosen products. Soft items, such as apparel and bags, can be embroidered or screen printed. Hard-sided items, such as coffee mugs and paperweights, will be screen printed or hot-stamped.

We’ll also collect your name, phone number and email address, so that our embellishment experts can contact you to ensure we’re producing your items to your specifications. Feel free to answer “Cheerio, Old Chap!” when you see our phone number on the caller ID.

After we confirm all the details of your order, we’ll give your artwork to our embellishment elves, who will use teeny tiny needles and other machinery to add your brand graphics on your merchandise.

When they’re done, we’ll pack your order – neatly, of course – and ship it directly to your specified address. Your package will be delivered within a fortnight with great fanfare, including a royal horn section and confetti. Just kidding, it won’t take a fortnight – only about 7-10 business days. But we’re serious about the horns and confetti.

Branded Storefronts for Corporate and School Apparel and Promotional Products

Wouldn’t it be swell if there were a central location where your employees, students, parents, teachers and staff could go to choose from apparel and promotional products – hand-picked by you – and place their orders individually?

Well, you’re in luck! When you work with Get Spirit to source and decorate your apparel and promotional products, we can set up a branded storefront for your business or school.

No more chasing people down to get their size and color preferences and payment information! The police frown upon that, champ. All you have to do is provide interested parties with the link to your branded storefront, which will have detailed instructions and pictures of all the pre-approved apparel and promotional products available with pre-set graphic options. Your shoppers can then place their orders and make their payments individually.

We’ll receive all the orders directly, so your email won’t be clogged with hundreds of orders and last-minute changes, and your IT person will stop ducking into the bathroom every time you walk down the hall. And no longer will you field dozens of phone calls and jot order details down on a sticky note, only to lose it the moment you hang up the phone. It’s probably under your coffee cup, by the way.

And perhaps the best part is we’ll drop-ship every order directly to the recipient’s specified address, so you won’t have any more boxes suffocating you out of your office. The bad news is you’ll have to find other materials to build your office fort.

A branded storefront is definitely the way to go for all your corporate and school apparel and promotional product needs. Get one now, and Get Spirit.