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Getting the Word Out: Incorporating Promotions into Your Communications Plan

By Maria Crotty 4 years ago 8462 Views No comments

You probably already know that promotional products and apparel have an average life-span of about 8 months, and they achieve a significant number of impressions during that time. That’s why you’re planning an awesome koozie or t-shirt to pass out at your next corporate or sporting event.

But have you considered what part your branded products and apparel will play in your overall marketing and communications strategy? What does that even mean?

Simply put, it means getting your ducks in a row.

To effectively incorporate promotional products into your overall marketing communications plan, make sure any follow-up contact your promotional product or apparel recipient has with your company is the best experience you can deliver.

For example, if you give a prospect a mousepad with your 800-number on it:

  • Make certain the 800 number is set up
  • Ensure incoming calls are answered by a professional, welcoming person who can answer any questions they may have

If you hand out koozies with your company logo and web address on them:

  • Make sure your website design reflects the personality of your brand
  • Keep the content updated regularly
  • Highlight all the products and services you offer

It’s also important to make sure your promotional products and decorated apparel are appropriate to any events or themed activities.

For instance, a non-profit organization hosting a fundraising event for high-end donors should choose a token of appreciation that’s appropriate for the audience in terms of relevance and perceived value. A crystal paperweight, engraved with the event’s mark or the organization’s logo would be a nice addition to their desk accessories and serve as a reminder of the non-profit and their commitment to it. A Booster Club raising money for a sports team could choose a school jersey, a sports ball or a bleacher seat with the team’s logo.

Useful promotional products or decorated wearables will surely be appreciated and kept around, but communicating a strong brand message that reminds recipients of your business or organization is really what this is all about. The Get Spirit team will work with you to understand your brand, target markets and initiatives. And we’ll help you create memorable promotions with quality product and presentation.

Tips for Planning Branded Apparel and Promotional Products

  • Be specific with your vendor about your goals.
  • Don’t purchase anything sight-unseen, just because it has the lowest bid.
  • Pre-approve possible substitutes to ensure alignment with project goals and brand image.

Call Get Spirit at 877-407-7474 or email us at [email protected] to start planning your branded apparel and promotional products today.

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Study: Clothes Affect the Way Others See Us, How We See Ourselves

By Maria Crotty 4 years ago 4783 Views No comments

Northwestern University researchers found that certain clothing can influence the wearer’s psychological processes. Donning a physician’s lab coat – determined by pretesting to be associated with attentiveness and carefulness – helped subjects perform better on selective attention tests. However, when the same white coat was describe to participants as a painters coat, testing performance declined.

Based on the results of their study, the researchers suggest a principle of “enclothed cognition,” which is dependent on symbolic meaning and physical experience of wearing the clothes.

For example, if one views a suit and tie as powerful clothing, that person is likely to feel more intelligent and powerful when wearing the combination. Conversely, if one feels that a power suit is a phony put-on, wearing a suit and tie will make them feel uncomfortable and inauthentic.

Naturally, we started thinking about the enclothed cognition principle as it pertains to branded corporate apparel and spirit wear.

Branded corporate apparel and spirit wear can help your employees and supporters feel like an important part of a team. The clothing you choose can unify your audience, too, which will help improve cooperation, productivity and company/team pride.

But it’s important to offer a variety of options that your individual wearers will feel comfortable in. Your female audience members, for example, won’t be comfortable in unisex clothing. Your older audience members may prefer a crisper look, while your younger audience members want clothing that’s on trend with current fashions.

If your audience isn’t comfortable in your branded apparel, their psychological experience with the clothing – and, by extension, your brand or team – will be negatively impacted.

When you’re planning your next order, let our branded apparel experts help you select a variety of options that will appeal to your wide audience. And if you’re setting up an online store, we’ll help ensure your inventory offers a range of choices so your audience can select the clothing they’ll feel most comfortable in.

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